Structural Solutions Inc.:
Established in 2006 to provide personal consulting services to our Clients.

Our Vision:
Our goal is to achieve the most effective structure through simplicity. Providing comprehensive structural drawings to our clients aimed to anticipate and eliminate field complications. We design around your parameters and to meet your needs. Our focus is to streamline the design process through teamwork and cooperation. We solve your structural engineering needs.

What we do:
We are a full service Structural Engineering Design Firm offering CAD produced structural drawings for our clients, redline services where requested. Our range of building experience includes all common construction building materials. We have experience with wood framing, light gage steel framing, reinforced concrete, post tensioned slab design, reinforced masonry, insulated concrete forms, and structural steel. We offer special inspection services. We also offer structural observation reports for the real estate market.

What people are saying:
“Thank you for such an excellent comprehensive report - we all appreciate it.”

“…nice presentation appreciate all the work you did.  We will use your services again in the future. Thanks, Ed”

“Great job.  Report was clear and well documented. If you ever need a reference, don't hesitate to use my name and contact information.” -Bob